Bilingual School

Edukely – Learning by playing

Founded in 2013 by a group of dedicated parents, Edukely is one of the first bilingual school in Antananarivo (Madagascar). Edukely provides Malagasy and foreign kids an outstanding education in Preschool and Primary School.

Inspired by Maria Montessori and Célestin Freinet, our teaching team aims at creating a nurturing environment for learning. Our programs follows French Education System guidelines but our approach is focused on play. Learning should always be a game to enhance children’s engagement in learning while developping socialy and psychologicaly. Gardening plays also a particular role in our teaching program. Edukely offers a full immersion program to our students. Throughout our program kids have both a English and French speaking teachers with them throughout the day.

Centrally located in the Ampasanimalo area, Edukely welcomes applicants from all backgrounds without respect to race, color or creed or to national or ethnic origin.  Our school offers a large yard for outdoor activities (gross motor and sports, arts, free play) and large classrooms with well equiped playing corners.